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LoveClean’s portfolio now has more than 50 private label product lines executed for various clients such as hotels, cleaning companies, malls etc. Due to continuously growing demand for such products we have decided to take part in this market with our many years of experience with private label cleaning products.

And so we are glad to announce that starting May 1st year 2020 we will announce our own product lines for various cleaning & hygiene products.

We have partners with manufacturing plants in EU providing low cost products while striving to hold highest quality & best efficiency. Our new products comes with all needed certificates ensuring it’s quality, high manufacturing standards and safety for end user. We continue to offer private label option for our existing and new partners.

Pros in having your own private label production:

No need to invest significant amount of goods you will use once in a while. You pay initial investment of 10% and rest when you actually need goods. We offer to keep your goods in our warehouse with no extra charge It is prestige to have your own production, it shows that you care for your image.

Hotels production

Laundry industrial products

Professional cleaning

Shipping and Delivery

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Payment Methods
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+44 (0)1622 321476
Due to the high volume Love Clean Center supplies is not able to take calls, today. Please send the orders via e-mail and we will get back to you within 12 hours.
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Hand sanitisers with moisturisers

Minimum order quantity - 1 pallet

Size/Quantity Price
100ml 0.95p
300ml £1.50
500ml £2.20
5l £17.50

For more than one pallet, please, ask special price by calling on +44 (0)1622 321476 or email us sales@loveclean.co.uk